Updating gentoo

by  |  04-Dec-2019 17:33

(use --oneshot for things you don't want to add in to the world file, like system libs for example).

Note that it's always easier to do if you keep up to date regularly rather than going for monolithic batch updates every couple of months.

Linux ~ # emerge --pretend --update world These are the packages that I would merge, in order: Calculating world dependencies ...done!

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Depending on what gets updated and how many updates there are, this could take a while.

Plan on running updates when you are not using your system. Gentoo Studio is basically Gentoo, and Gentoo is a rolling-release system. However, please observe the Gentoo etiquette of not running sync more than once per day.

If there is an update to the kernel (rt-sources), run, as root, after the above command has been run: Where “x” is the number of the latest kernel from eselect kernel list.

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