Free online webcam cam to camsex - Updating layer states in autocad

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Layer filters control which layers are displayed in the list and can also be used to make changes to more than one layer at a time. The name is selected so that you can enter a new layer name immediately. Referenced layers include layers 0 and DEFPOINTS, layers containing objects (including objects in block definitions), the current layer, and xref-dependent layers.

Patrick Hughes describes how he has simultaneously updated many blocks in one Auto CAD file.

"Have you ever found yourself in a position where a large number of library blocks in a drawing need to be redefined?

The top node, All, displays all layers in the drawing. When the Layer Filter pane is collapsed, the Layer Filter button is displayed adjacent to Layer Filter status text.

The Layer Filter button gives you access to the filters when the full Layer Filter pane is closed.

To modify a property of a selected layer or of all layers in a selected filter, click the icon for that property.

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