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by  |  27-Sep-2019 03:49

I am now considering updating the system to Yosemite (and the new Server.app), but I am hesitating, seeing several reports online about trouble with My SQL installations getting messed up, as well as issues with the Ruby framework.

updating ruby on leopard-14

I then installed the new application using the App Store.

After this, the following problems emerged: Since I need a running system, I downgraded again after this try using my Snow Leopard backup.

On the other way, you can manually define outlets and/or actions in IB, drag-and-drop them in an Xcode Ruby file, and the corresponding Ruby code will be pasted in it.

Scripting Bridge is a new Leopard framework that provides access to the Apple Event infrastructure, on which Apple Script is based.

You can therefore embed Ruby in a 64-bit application.

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