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For instance, you may find you are also the office manager and the procurement person for buying office supplies, furnishings, equipment, etc.

Perhaps you do receptionist duties and handle some bookkeeper duties.

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The Demand Occupations List brings together information about current job openings, trends and projections in employment and labor supply, and other current indicators of the labor market.

New Jersey offers training programs and education funding for qualifying candidates.

The order of importance is not listed; this is a random order list: The list above is only taken from ads looking for “executive assistant.” However, be aware that some companies have positions that are executive assistant level, but they do not have an administrative assistant level, and therefore expect the executive assistant to do both roles.

For example, some ads call the position executive assistant/administrative assistant.

Larger companies that have an executive assistant assigned to an executive(s) may just want an executive assistant, but smaller companies may want and need one person to do the functions of the higher and lower level roles.

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