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To install using RPM, run the following command: is the name of the installation file.

By default, the product will install to the /opt/sgav directory which will be created if it does not exist. sgav ALL @@R:sgav-4.0-13 4.0-13 @@R:sgav-4.1-2 4.1-2 PREVIEW only?

First, find out which disk contains your hd5 logical volume.

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Your hd5 partitions also need to be contiguous partitions.

Check this by running the following command : # lspv -M hdisk0 |grep hd5 hdisk0:1 hd5:1 hdisk0:2 hd5:2 hdisk0:3 hd5:3 You can see in this example that the hd5 logical volume covers the first 3 partitions on the disk and they are all contiguous.

Previous to 5300-07 updates are recognized by their last numerical level entry only. install Beginning with 5300-07 the 3rd number, or “Maintenance Level” number will also be included and will represent the Technology level of the fileset, followed by the “Fix Level”. install Oslevel You will also notice a change to how the operating system level reads.

(Version, Release, Maintenance Level, Fix Level) This represents your operating system level and is mentioned because of the change made in the 5300-07 technology level update.

Update_all This is the recommended method of installation when upgrading your technology level or service pack level only.

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