Using myspace for dating

by  |  21-Oct-2019 08:52

I use myspace cause in that prof I can use profanities and I can make my prof all fancy and weird and I can show off all my many friends....... I have Adam Sandler in my friends list......thats freakin pimp guys......yea, and I use it to blog my poems that I work really hard on This thread was started a while back, and then resurrected today.

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Can't say names right now because the lawyer stuff hasn't been worked out yet, but when it does, it'll be exciting.

i have 2 profiles on that i use to keep in touch with my frineds, and the other is my band profile which we use for getting our music out there, networking, finding gigs & finding bands to set-up gigs with.

Usually searching is used to find a very specific person or group of people based on fairly strict search criteria.

To search for a user on My Space, click the Search link at the top of your My Space profile page and then choose your search method: Then click the Find button.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... It can be used as sort of an online "press kit" because you can upload up to four songs, you can choose whether people can download them or not, you can add a bunch of promo pics about the band, add upcoming live shows to the page, link to related bands (through the "add friends" option - if you're in a band and ARE NOT on there?

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