Valentino rossi dating 2016

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For the past few races, Rossi had said he had been close to signing a new deal, but had a few details still to clear up.

Those details had been resolved at some point between the Barcelona and Assen rounds, with Rossi’s new contract signed at Assen.

"You needed to understand how the track condition was - of course in that line [it] was dry but I [took the] wet patch, locked the front, released the brakes.

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"I'm scared - I'm scared on the track when I am with Marquez,” he added.

“I'm scared today when I see his name on the board, because I know that he comes to me [and] I know already.

"If you take what's happened this weekend - one by one, can happen to everybody.

You can make a mistake in braking, you can touch the other guy - [this] happens - this is racing.

In 2002 Valentino Rossi was rumoured to be dating Martina Stella.

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