Validating and non validating parser swedish guys dating

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A header section contains source code that must be placed before any ANTLR-generated code in the output parser.This is mainly useful for C output due to its requirement that elements be declared before being referenced.

Validating and non validating parser

For example, the literal "return" will have an associated value of LITERAL_return.

You may also assign a specific label to a literal using the tokens section. Identifiers beginning with an uppercase letter are token references.

The arguments within [] are specified using the syntax of the generated language, and should be separated by commas.

Many people would prefer that we use normal parentheses for arguments, but parentheses are best used as grammatical grouping symbols for EBNF. The following table summarizes punctuation and keywords in ANTLR.

However, ANTLR does not create lexer rules to match the strings.

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