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by  |  24-Dec-2019 17:06

You won't be able to see what the macro is doing, but it will run faster.

If this is the case, you could insert the following code at the front of your sub: I've found that this often speeds up whatever code I'm working with so much that having to alert the user to the progress is unnecessary.

It's just an idea for you to try, and its effectiveness is pretty dependent on your sheet and calculations.

It then needs to load a report and put the information on the reports controls.

I can do all of this apart form the last bit where I access the report and write the data onto the reports controls. (just a personal joke there) I have as much knowledge of Access as the huns have of European football after Christmas.

Christian Mark - you just beat me to it but as a fellow Celt any chance you could help me out with a fairly tricky problem ??

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