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An order for 5000 newly produced .455 hand Ejectors was placed in their own serial number range 1 to 5000, these were completed and delivered at the start of 1915.Production of the .455 Mark II Hand Ejector Second Model began in 1915 and continued until 1917 with serial numbers following on from the First model starting at serial number 5001 and continuing on up to serial number 74755.

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There were the obvious bore and chamber differences and also a few minor alterations were made to the hammer and trigger.

The United States Army purchased 175,000 revolvers from Smith & Wesson between April 1917 and February 1919.

The Model 1917 Hand Ejector was introduced unsurprisingly in 1917 and was chambered in calibre .45 ACP.

When the United States entered the First World War it needed a large supply of handguns, Colt could not produce enough .45 ACP Model 1911's which was the official issue handgun for the US Army.

Therefore contracts were given to both Colt and Smith & Wesson to supply them with the Model 1917 revolver (see also Colt 1917).

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