What to talk about on online dating sites

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He never denied me sexually , he never used it in replace of me, he is a good husband/man, and now we watch it together, so maybe you and him can find some middle ground as you muddle through this. I understand about urges and him wanting to satisfy them and that is exactly why we have made home movies together and just of me, I've have erotic photo's taken for him.

What I don't understand is why he doesn't use them?

My biggest problem with it and it's something my husband knows is that I have always had self-esteem issues about my body and I'll give him that his always been really supportive, don't get me wrong I'm not an extreamist but there's alot I'm uncomfortable about my body which stems from being raped when I was 13.

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Sorry but how much enjoyment can he really get out of it if I'm on the edge of passing out, throwing up or am in that much pain I can't lay straight.

Have lost count how many times I have tried talking to him about it all, timing, porn and dating sites.

And even after 8 years we are still having problems with porn.

But recently I found a dating website with a statement 'seperated with 1 child, working away from home and looking for company in my hotel room', ok given the dating site was activated 7 months before I found it, he had recently opened it checked the status and signed up to other dating and porn sites.

I still have allot of problems with the dating site but I guess it's just something I'll never know so there's no point worrying about it, or am I just being stupid.

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