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For a laugh, check out their discussion about his wardrobe at last year's Hall of Fame ceremony, and you'll see a playful boyfriend and girlfriend teasing each other about the way Ambrose looks in comparison to people dressed much nicer.There even seemed to be a running gag on Several years ago, Maryse had a stint as the valet and manager of Ted Di Biase in what seemed like a natural fit for their characters.

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At one point in time, they even dissolved their companionship.

Dolph Ziggler became the object of Lana's affection, and Rusev found himself a new blonde in Summer Rae.

Sometimes, a relationship is used as the impetus for a feud as one person cheats on their significant other or they're pursued by another man or womanthink of the love triangle between Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge.

Other times, we see two people pick each other up when they've been knocked down like Miss Elizabeth's role for Randy Savage.

– As seen last night on Raw, Noam Dar continued his courtship of Alicia Fox by “apologizing” to the Florida native.

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