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He oversaw a big rise in high-end tourism on the islands, with well-heeled holidaymakers and film stars including Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis and Donna Karan attracted to its beautiful beaches and unspoiled coral atolls.

But the Misick years also had a darker side - a web of public corruption that was first highlighted by a delegation of British MPs in 2008.

Now, though, he appeared to be living the life of a multi-millionaire, with cash flowing in from a large-scale resort development, and a mansion on the islands believed to be worth million.

The corruption scandal - the biggest in Turks and Caicos history - is believed to have left the islands, which have a population of just 31,000, on the verge of bankruptcy, with the British government forced to provide $260 million in loan guarantees.

After Sir Robin delivered a stinging interim report in 2009, Mr Misick resigned and was last seen on the islands the next year.

Mr Misick denies the allegations, describing himself as a "political prisoner" who is being framed on false charges brought by Britain.

But Brazilian police have used the occasion to put to rest the idea that their country is still a place where fugitives could rest easy.

Yet his playboy lifestyle was not quite as it seemed: following the outcome of a massive corruption inquiry in 2009, Mr Misick abruptly left the island after claims that he had illegally profited from multi-millionaire sell-offs of Crown land.

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