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Mc Donnell has since posted a wide range of videos on the site including his most viewed "My American Accent".

In 2008, Mc Donnell participated in a video-blog collaboration with four other You Tube personalities, titled "Five Awesome Guys," a spin-off project of the "Five Awesome Girls" which featured hayleyghoover and italktosnakes and ran from 28 January to 31 December of that year.

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He was a co-presenter with Kat Akingbade and Derren Brown. In the autumn of 2009, Mc Donnell featured with three other You Tube users on the BBC Switch documentary series Chartjackers.

The programme documented their attempt to achieve a number one single in the UK Singles Chart within 10 weeks, by crowdsourcing resources provided by the online community.

Sons of Admirals was not a band in the traditional sense.

They were all solo artists, but as well as having their solo careers, they came together to form one group.

In 2010, Mc Donnell released his debut solo album, titled This Is Me.

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