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Rollins says that the April 7 episode, "The Trial," marks a new beginning of the show and it's one of her favorites of the season — but we'll have to wait to find out why. ' moments and you get to know a lot of the characters on another level" in the upcoming episode.

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As we have come to expect with POWER UP short films and features, GIRLTRASH: All Night Long is beautifully shot by Sandra Valde-Hansen and perfectly edited by Chris Hill. As Misty’s friend, Syd has some of the most outrageous lines in the film (“If I almost fucked Angelina Jolie, I’d make a t-shirt that says ‘I almost fucked Angelina Jolie.’”) GIRLTRASH: All Night Long might be the best lesbian movie that’s ever been made.

It stars several gorgeous women who sing raucous songs in a beautifully produced film.

A brainy, quick-witted former cop, Valerie is Alice Vaughan's business partner and BFF who runs all the business aspects of their private investigation company.

Although we're only two episodes into the season, it's hard to imagine anyone other than Rollins as Valerie — but, in an interview with Bustle, Rollins says she initially tested for the role of Margot Bishop, which ultimately went to Sonya Walder.

It is interesting to notice that GIRLTRASH world is some alternate universe where everyone seems to want to be gay.

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