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"No one wants to admit to it because you'll be put in solitary confinement while they investigate, even if you didn't do anything wrong...there's a huge disincentive to report anything." Sally considers herself heterosexual and avoided what she refers to as the "messy" violence of inmate romance in general, but she did have one prison girlfriend named Elsa with whom she developed an intimate, if not explicitly sexual, relationship.

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"We were very good friends." Sally's interracial relationship with Elsa was unique in a prison culture dominated by racial tension, a segregated dynamic that is echoed by the "I would like to say there were lots of interracial relationships, but that's not the case," Sally said. One." Statistics on prison rape are scattered and often incomplete.

"There might be hookups but in general the relationships tend to be segregated..that's not because of the women. But national surveys by the Bureau of Justice have shown inmates in both federal and county facilities report being and the top 10 offending facilities had staff with sexual misconduct rates exceeding 10%.

There's not a high enough population of gay women to be like She lived with half a dozen women in a room, with just an hour of outdoor time and routine meal breaks.

She neither saw nor participated in any sexual activity while incarcerated.

"They all hooked up inside, had long-term relationships with other women. "I also know women who were gay inside together but just really good friends on the street." None of this means that women prisoners are safe from homophobia.

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