Wordpress not updating cache

by  |  20-Jan-2020 08:16

When I click the grid_reload button, the grid reloads, but when it has done so it shows exactly the same data as before, even though the xml is tested to return different data for different timestamps. So even if you make the same request multiple times from the same browser instance, if it is for the same URL it will always use the cached version (IE, data from the first request). I have checked using alert(Element By Id('datepicker_start').value) that the values in the date inputs are passed correctly when the reload event is triggered. And yes, you should get better results if you use both Cloudflare and Max CDN. Still in Max CDN, go to the “Account” tab and go to API → View All → Create Application:5.

Without a CDN, you only have 1 origin server which can be very far away for many people. Go to your Max CDN dashboard and go to Zones → Create Pull Zone:3.

Max CDN is specifically good for improving items like reduce HTTP requests, use a content delivery network, reduce DNS lookups, reduce cookie size, cookie-free domains, and other items in Pingdom and other speed testing tools. Here’s my 25% off coupon, or sign up for a free trial (located at the bottom of their website). Enter your website as the origin server URL, the other two are your site name. Leave this window open (you will need your CDN URL for step 8).4.

Check your site to make sure everything is OK (should be).

You’ll still need to configure Cloudflare and Max CDN.

Leave everything else including ‘expires header lifetime’ which the developer says is preset.

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