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Each contains a host of scripts that are specific to instances throughout Wo W.

During a boss battle, the add-ons will trigger an alert for the player with text, timer bars, sound or all of the above.

World Quests List adds itself to the region or zone map and lists all available quests, what the Emissary faction is for the day, what the rewards are, where the quest takes place, what faction is represented and how long the quest will be available. Elements of the UI can be moved, resized or even not shown.

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They help players time movement out of the way of a big boss ability, to get out of the goo so to speak or to understand when one phase of a fight ends and another begins.

In Legion with big alterations to stationary casting and reduced movement speed across the board, these are add-ons we can’t recommend enough.

The installation instructions are available on Git Hub.

You don't need to configure Green Wall at all to use it.

Most of the configuration is done by the guild officers, it's a big mess of gibberish in the guild information tab in game.

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