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They do ring, and some folks might not like that, but I kinda like that and like to relief tap to offset the sound... I'm not a professional smith, so take what I say with a grain of salt...

Considering it belongs to you Dad, what a nice gift! Andy When Fisher & Norris was finally "liquidated", an antique tool buff bought all of the remaining anvil patterns and preserved them.

It measures 14-3/4" high, 5-1/4" wide on top and 32" long. They are respected and sought after anvils, and made in America.

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I can see Fisher on the bottom flange just below the point, I didnt know to look on the back for a date. I have actually known metal smiths who went stone deaf from anvils ringing.

I am interested in selling this (along with everything else I have, I am aged out!!!! Some anvils were made intentionally so they did not ring. And sculpt the surfaces as if they had been forged into shape.

The wood has old worm holes which has been treated and long gone.

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