Young earth creationists and carbon 14 dating of diamonds

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Uranium and thorium decay by emitting alpha particles of helium nuclei as they decay to lead.Analysis of helium content of zircon samples conventionally considered to be over a billion years old revealed extremely high helium retention in these crystals.The most natural explanation for rapid burial of fossils in sedimentary rock (only laid down by water) at all elevations all over the Earth is a worldwide, catastrophic flood.

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Carbon-14 has a short half-life less than 6,000 years, so both evolutionists and creationists agree that radiocarbon dating is only useful for dating relatively young things, thousands of years old, and is invalid for measuring alleged long ages of evolution.

Items older than 250,000 years (at most) should be completely ‘carbon-14 dead’, with no carbon-14 remaining at all.

If any of the above assumptions are wrong, projected timelines based on them are almost certainly wrong, and we have no way of determining rock ages.

Whenever we see rocks form today, we always see daughter atoms in the beginning, so evolutionary ideas about rock formation contradict observational science.

He calculated that Earth’s rotational speed would have been twice the present speed if it was over 7 billion years old.

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